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French Drain To Prevent Water Pooling & Shifting Your Property's Pavers

French Drain

When your property in Aurora is in need of a French drain to help control pooling or standing water, it's smart to call on Mission Brick Paving. Surface and sub-surface water can create a myriad of different issues for your lawn and landscaping, damaging everything you worked so hard to create and grow. As the top source of paver installation for Aurora, we're proud to provide drainage and water control solutions that can help save your pavers and the rest of your property. We're drainage experts with the knowledge and training to build and install French drains that divert water away from your lawn, landscaping, and foundations. We can assess your property and build a drain that is custom-fitted to your property and your specific needs.

The drainage services we offer to Aurora are essential for the health and wellness of your entire property, and we've got experience installing all kinds, from French drains to pop up drains and more. We know how tempting it can be to install your own DIY drains, but take it from the pros! You're way better off trusting us with the job. Call Mission Brick Paving today to learn more about French drains and how you can get yours installed in Aurora.

Professional Planning And French Drain Installation

If you've never heard of a French drain before, you're in luck! As drainage experts, we know these installations like the backs of our hands. A French drain is a trench that is dug into your property and lined with a fabric filter. A pipe is then placed inside the trench, surrounded by gravel. That fabric filter is folded over the rock and the area is filled back up with compacted soil so the surface can be restored.

This system is highly effective in draining groundwater that seeps beneath the surface because it allows the water to flood through the gravel, into the pipe, where a leveled slope is dug to ensure the water is carried away from your home. This protects your yard and landscaping as well as your foundation from flooding and water damage.

Why Install A French Drain?

Just like every other drain, French drains are designed to remove surface water away from your home and eliminate the possibility of damage. Excess water on and around your landscape can come from multiple different sources, including:

  • Poor soil
  • Excess water from gutters
  • Neighboring properties with poor drainage
  • Trees and other landscaping blocking water flow
  • No drainage pitch in your yard

Without a drain on your property, you could suffer from drowned landscaping, saturated grass, and even leaking foundations. If you're looking to add a French drain to your Aurora property, make sure you call the pros at Mission Brick Paving.


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