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Choosing The Right Paver Sealant

Choosing The Right Paver Sealer

If you're considering adding a sealant to your home's unsealed brick paver surfaces, you're making a good choice. Unsealed pavers are much more vulnerable to erosion, sun fading, and permanent stains. Brick paver sealing with a good quality sealant will preserve the color and appearance of your pavers and deter the growth of common nuisances like weeds and mold. However, not all paver sealants are alike! Different types have different strengths and can affect the look of your pavers. Being aware of what types of sealant options there are and what they do will help you make a more informed decision when it comes time to choose.

Sealing For The Weather

When picking a paver sealant, it's best to consider what you want your pavers to be protected from, and that means considering the local environment. Here in Aurora, there are a few common factors to consider:

  • Sunlight: Here in Aurora, your pavers are exposed to quite a bit of sun. The UV radiation can gradually fade the color in your pavers over time. Most pavers are designed to be slightly UV-resistant, but choosing a sealant with added UV protection will further protect the hue and appearance of your pavers
  • Algae and mold: Heat and humidity make a prime growing environment for nasty microbes like algae and mold. These ugly growths can form big spots and cause serious stains. Mold can even slowly decay brick pavers if left unwashed. Choosing a sealant that inhibits the growth of these nuisances is ideal.
  • Salt: Salt from ice salt or saltwater pools can deposit on your paved surfaces. This can lead to pitting and erosion over time. Like any surface mess, a thorough cleaning can somewhat mitigate salt damage. To prevent long-term damage, however, homeowners that use salt during the winter or have saltwater pools may want to consider using a sealant that locks out salt on their pavers.

Primary Paver Sealant Options

Now let's talk about the paver sealants themselves. Most types of paver sealants can be broken down into two categories: solvent-based sealants, which form a film over your pavers, and water-based sealants, which tend to penetrate the paver surface and leave a matte finish.

When choosing a sealant, looks matter. Certain sealants can greatly affect your pavers' appearance. Many homeowners like their pavers to have a glossy, satiny, or wet look to them. If that's the case for you, then a solvent-based sealant is more likely to give you the visual effect you're looking for, as water-based sealants typically have more of a matte finish. If you like a natural look for your pavers, however, that matte finish a water-based sealant provides may be perfect for you!

Of course, it's important to also plan for the longevity of your pavers, and that's where protection comes in. Both types provide protection against corrosion, moisture damage, mold, and UV radiation. That being said, solvent-based sealants usually create a film or barrier between the pavers and the surrounding environment. This provides a greater level of sheer protection overall. They're easy to repair and tend to last a bit longer than water-based sealants. However, water-based sealants typically have a lower VOC (volatile organic compound) content and are much more eco-friendly, safer to use, and easier to clean up.

Call On The Pros For High-Quality Sealants

Within each category, there are many subtypes to choose from, and we're just scratching the surface. However, knowing the pros and cons of both basic subtypes will help start you in the right direction. And if you're thinking about having your paver sealing done by a professional, consider the many options Mission Brick Paving has to offer.

As professionals providing paver installation for Aurora, we work with a lot of paved hardscapes and have included paver sealing in our lineup of services to better help our clients' pavers stand the test of time. We'd be glad to work with you and go over our many options to help you select the perfect paver sealant for your property. If you're interested, get in touch with us today and let's talk about sealants.


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