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Brick Paving Repair of a Front Entryway Hardscape: Before & After of Mission Brick Paving's Repair Project in Naperville

Brick Paving Repair of a Front Entryway Hardscape: Before & After of Mission Brick Pavings Repair Project in Naperville

In the picturesque suburb of Naperville, Illinois, a unique brick paving hardscapes project was undertaken by Mission Brick Paving, a company renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to quality. This project was not merely a job; it was a testament to the artistry and precision involved in brick paving.

Background and Initial Assessment of the Brick Paving Repair

Our journey began when we were contacted by a homeowner in Naperville. Their front entryway, once a charming brick path, had lost its luster and stability over the years. Understanding the sentimental and aesthetic value of the original bricks, the homeowner wanted them to be reused in the renovation. Our team visited the site for an initial assessment, carefully examining the existing structure and discussing the vision and expectations of the client.

Step 1: Strategic Brick Removal

The first and perhaps the most delicate phase was the removal of the existing brick pavers. This process demanded not just physical care but also an understanding of the bricks' location. Each brick was methodically lifted and catalogued, ensuring that its story was not lost in the process. The team used specialized tools to gently remove the brick pavers, preserving their integrity for reuse.

Step 2: Laying a Robust Foundation

With the pavers removed, our focus shifted to preparing a robust foundation – the cornerstone of any paving project. The team excavated the old base, replacing it with a new layer of high-quality base material. Over this, a layer of sand was spread evenly. This step was crucial in ensuring a stable and level surface, providing a solid bed for the brick pavers to be relaid upon.

Challenges and Solutions

One significant challenge we faced was ensuring the new base complemented the old pavers' dimensions and characteristics. Our team conducted several tests to ascertain the right depth and compactness of the base, ensuring that the old brick pavers would fit perfectly and maintain their level over time.

Step 3: The Art of Relaying Bricks

Relaying the bricks was an exercise in patience and artistry. Each brick had to be carefully positioned, respecting the original brick paver pattern while ensuring the path's structural integrity. The team worked meticulously, often adjusting and readjusting the concrete pavers to achieve the perfect alignment.

Innovative Techniques

To enhance the path's durability, we employed innovative techniques such as interlocking patterns and strategic placement of the brick pavers to distribute weight evenly. This approach not only improved the path's aesthetics but also its functionality.

Step 4: Advanced Compacting Techniques

The use of a special compactor designed with wheels was a game-changer in this project. This equipment allowed us to compact the bricks firmly into the base without risking any damage to the older pavers. It was particularly crucial in this project, as we were reusing old bricks that were more susceptible to damage. The compactor ensured each brick was snugly settled, providing a smooth and even surface.

Step 5: Polymeric Sand for Longevity

The final step involved applying polymeric sand. This material seeps into the gaps between the bricks and, upon setting, forms a firm, cohesive bond that resists weed growth and pests. It was applied with precision, and excess sand was carefully removed to prevent haze formation on the brick pavers.

Client Interaction and Feedback

Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with the client, involving them in key decisions and providing regular updates.

Project Completion and Reflection

As we completed the project, the transformed front entryway stood as a vibrant testament to the home's character. The homeowner's joy was palpable; they expressed immense satisfaction with our attention to detail and the respect we showed for the original materials.

Endorsement and Expansion of Clientele

The success of this brick paver repair project went beyond mere client satisfaction. The homeowner, impressed with our work, recommended us to a family member. This new project, undertaken with the same level of commitment and expertise, also concluded with a highly satisfied client. This word-of-mouth endorsement significantly boosted our reputation and clientele in the Naperville area.


This brick paving repair project in Naperville was more than just a renovation; it was a journey in preserving history, showcasing craftsmanship, and fulfilling a client's vision. At Mission Brick Paving, every brick paver laid is a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on not just building paths but creating stories that last for generations.

Budget: 2345.45

Location: Naperville, IL

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