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The Elegance of Unilock Pavers in a Montgomery, Illinois Project by Mission Brick Paving

The Elegance of Unilock Pavers in a Montgomery, Illinois Project by Mission Brick Paving

In the realm of landscaping, the foundation of a beautiful outdoor space begins with the choice of materials and meticulous installation techniques. At Mission Brick Paving, our latest project in Montgomery, Illinois, exemplifies our dedication to transforming conventional spaces into extraordinary landscapes using high-quality products and sophisticated design elements. This particular project involved upgrading an old clay brick paver patio that had become uneven and visually unappealing over time. The homeowner desired a fresh, modern look while ensuring the longevity and functionality of the patio. Our choice of materials and construction approach highlights our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Initial Considerations and Brick Paving Design Choices

The original brick patio was laid with old clay brick pavers that, while classic, had succumbed to the wear and tear of Illinois weather. Uneven surfaces and outdated aesthetics led the homeowner to seek a renovation that would not only revitalize the space but also incorporate modern, durable materials. After consultation, the choice was made to use Beacon Hill Smooth Unilock large format pavers with a Copthorne brick paver inlay, both renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Beacon Hill Smooth pavers are celebrated for their fine, smooth surface and versatility in design. Their large format paver size contributes to a contemporary look, making the patio appear larger and more open. The subtle texture and array of available colors allow for a personalized touch that can complement any exterior decor.

The highlight of the design was the Copthorne inlay. This paver, reminiscent of old European cobblestone streets, adds an element of elegance and luxury. The use of Copthorne pavers in strategic boarder of the patio created a stunning visual contrast, emphasizing areas for dining or relaxing. This paver is not only about aesthetics but also about performance, offering incredible strength and durability that withstands both time and weather.

Construction Excellence: The Foundation of Durability

A key aspect of ensuring that a brick paver patio remains beautiful and functional for years is the construction of a proper base. For this project, Mission Brick Paving went beyond the standard requirements. We excavated the old material and laid down 6 to 8 inches of base material, which is crucial for a few reasons:

1. Support and Stability: The thick layer of base material provides a stable foundation that helps prevent the brick pavers from shifting or sinking over time.

2. Drainage: Proper base installation prevents water accumulation under the pavers, a common issue that can lead to heaving and shifting during freeze-thaw cycles.

3. Durability: A solid base extends the lifespan of the brick paver patio, ensuring that it can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions without cracking or becoming uneven.

Each layer of the base material was compacted meticulously, ensuring a level and firm foundation upon which the pavers were laid. This attention to detail in the preparatory stages is what sets Mission Brick Paving apart and guarantees the longevity of our installations.

Finishing Touches: Polymeric Sand and EdgeCrete

Once the brick pavers were laid, the next steps involved the finishing touches that not only enhance the patio’s aesthetics but also its functionality. We used polymeric sand to fill the joints between the pavers. Polymeric sand is a fine sand combined with additives that, when mixed with water, form a binding agent that helps lock the brick pavers in place. This type of sand is particularly effective in preventing weed growth and deterring ants and other insects from burrowing through the joints. It also resists erosion from weather and cleaning, maintaining the integrity of the patio over time.

The edging of the patio was completed using EdgeCrete, a reinforced concrete edging product that ensures the pavers do not shift or spread. This edging technique is not only functional, preventing the displacement of pavers, but also blends seamlessly with the overall design, maintaining the clean, crisp lines of the patio layout.

The Result: A Timeless and Elegant Patio

The completed project in Montgomery, Illinois, stands as a testament to the elegance and durability that can be achieved with high-quality materials and expert brick paver installation. The Beacon Hill Smooth and Copthorne pavers together create a visually striking outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful. The homeowner was thrilled with the transformation, which not only enhanced the appeal of their home but also provided a robust, low-maintenance solution that will last for years.

At Mission Brick Paving, our paver projects are a blend of artistic design and structural excellence. This Montgomery project showcases how the right materials, when installed with care and precision, can completely transform an outdoor space. Whether it’s a quiet backyard retreat or a lively entertainment area, our pavers provide the perfect foundation for your outdoor dreams. With a focus on quality and durability, we ensure that every brick paver patio we craft is built to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Budget: 7,500

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